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Help Us Improve Communication

In an effort to improve our communication with our insureds, we are asking that cell phone numbers are provided.  Cell phones are going to be the best way to reach our insureds or if you want us to use e-mail, please provide the address you wish us to use.  Just give us a call or e-mail us.



Snowmobile owners need insurance card

The Iowa DNR is requiring all snowmobile owners operating on the road right of way or on public trials to have a proof of liability insurance card this winter (like the one issued for autos). This is a new requirement.



Iowa Again Is The Cheapest State In The Union
To Buy Car Insurance

According  to the recently released study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), on average Iowans pay only $631 a year for car insurance, the lowest premiums in the country. At the opposite end of the scaled was Lousiana who has the distinction as the most expensive state when it comes to coverage with an average price of $1,270 in 2009. What did the typical motorist pay for auto insurance on a nationwide basis> About $901.00 a year.

These number come from the “Auto Insurace Database Report 2008/2009,” just release by the National Association of insurance Commissioners. The report, representing the most recent data collected by the assocaiation, is considered the authority in such pricing and provides “necessary information and analysis to insurance regulators, consumers and policymakers” from coast to coast, according to the NAIC.


Here are the 10 most expensive places for coverage, based on the NAIC’s 2009 and 2008 figures:

  1. Louisiana ($1,270 in 2009 and $1,274 in 2008)
  2. District of Columbia ($1,265 and $1,263)
  3. New Jersey ($1,218 and $1,198)
  4. New York (1,185 and $1,198)
  5. Rhode Island ($1,118 and $1,138)
  6. Delaware ($1,106 and $1,091)
  7. Florida ($1,088 and $1,130)
  8. Alaska ($1,073 and $1,083)
  9. Nevada ($1,073 and $1,099)
  10. Connecticut ($1,050 and $1,046)

Leader in Offering Affordable Car Insurance

The 10 least expensive states, according to the NAIC’s 2009 and 2008 statistics, are:

  1. Iowa ($631 in 2009 and $617 in 2008)
  2. North Dakota ($650 and $644)
  3. South Dakota ($651 both years)
  4. Wisconsin ($653 and $641)
  5. Idaho ($666 and $674)
  6. Maine ($683 and $687)
  7. Nebraska ($692 and $677)
  8. Ohio ($695 and $693)
  9. Indiana ($711 and $699)
  10. North Carolina ($719 and $705)


Sioux City Sledding Accident Costs $2.75 Million

According to The Sioux City Journal the Sioux City council recently voted to pay its part of the $2.75 million going to 38-year-old David Rosalez, his wife and their two children. Their cost was nearly $488,000. According to the paper, the payout was to Rosalez who fled a lawsuit over a sledding accident in Sioux City, Iowa. Rosalez sued after injuring his spinal cord in January 2008 while sledding at Sertoma Park. He slid backward into a parking sign. It was reported that the city's insurance carrier will pay $1.97 million. A third party will pay $300,000.




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